When you get to Leviathan Wakes, I think it’s like 20 or 30 years after The Churn – I can’t remember exactly how many years – but it’s definitely a significant amount of time has passed and he has grown up from then. Wes- Yeah well, so we’re lucky now ‘cause we’re going into our fourth season and we’ve kept a lot of the directors that we really like working with, and we’ve worked with them over and over and now we all have kind of an understanding. I think I got home at like 6:30 AM. So I don’t know why but we have two completely different memories. Alright, well I think it’s time we got out of your hair. Kyle- Would you say was that there was anything about it that you feel informed your performance as Amos? Ed- Can you tell us more about that experience? Wes- Yeah, I think it’s definitely gonna have an impact. We hope you enjoy! He worked as an aviation firefighter on the flight deck of the USS Essex, working in crash and salvage for four years. It’s kinda like my antidepressant. The thing that really connected me to Amos and made me a fan of him, and really excited to play him, was the novella called The Churn. And if he can shoot you in the back of the head, he’ll shoot you in the back of the head, you know? And then if you watch a boxing match, that is a perfect scene, and so that’s what I’ve always been interested in. But you know, I think something that would practically happen is me writing my own story. The Expanse attracts a certain group of people that are really fun and interesting to hang out with. And then, about a month and a half later, we had to do the second half on another block, and that night was freezing, and it started raining. Wes Chatham, Actor: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2. [Laughs] I don’t like covering them up every day. But the weather’s changing, so…. He worked as an aviation firefighter on the flight deck of the USS Essex, working in crash and salvage for four years. And the first time I did that was the London [Film and] Comic Con because I was going to be in Europe anyway, and they reached out and said, ‘would you come?’ And I said ‘yeah’, and I had such a good time. Ed- Yeah, I remember the scene you are talking about. While waiting for his sister, Chatham was spotted by a casting director and at the age of 5, West was offered a national campaign for the Tide. Photo courtesy of Syfy. Since 2015, Chatham has been starring as Amos Burton in The Expanse of Syfy. Chatham's break into acting came just three months before his tour was finis… He asked ‘who’s your favorite actor?’. Born out of the #SaveTheExpanse movement, we aim to continue the work of promoting the show and its incredible fandom. 74 notes. Le 15 avril 2012, l'acteur épouse sa compagne de longue date Jennifer Brown. I mean it was a lot of fun on the wires of course, but it was challenging in the sense of being in that space shoot, and that was another late scene. I work on the scripts ahead of time and then I’ll go have conversations and say ‘you know I think this is more honest and this is more accurate to who I am’, and then we talk about it and work it out, and then we make that happen. Wes- When it’s cold, the tattoos and stuff are easy, because it’s so cold and your skin is dry, and everything stays on. I started when I was really young and I was always drawn to story, you know. I moved on, you know. So there is a lot of that that plays out through Amos – you know, probably on a subconscious level, just because of having been through that. John Wesley "Wes" Chatham (Atlanta, Georgia, 1978. október 11. And so I had to shoot all night, in minimal wardrobe, in the rain. Ed- Oh no, but we should. Wes- Yeah, that one and the tool scene, when Prax’s oxygen got knocked loose and the tools are flying all over the machine shop and I was flying upside down and everything… it was challenging. And so he understands how to use his power and strength but he’s not James Bond. A lot of time ego and bravado comes from fear. And I don’t know yet if I would direct it, but I do think that writing is something that I’m interested in. Some of his credits include Baby Bleed, Husk, W., This Thing with Sarah, Broken Horses, All I See is You, Barbershop, The Unit, The Mentalist, Hand of God, The Night Shift and more. On a whim, Chatham's mother took his sister to an audition for a Tide commercial in Savannah, Georgia, and brought Wes along. The one thing that we all agree with and I think is one of the things that really holds this show together is that pretty much everyone that’s involved with it is a fan of it. So I immediately said “I wanna go in for Amos”, but I think they were already thinking of seeing me for Amos anyway. Definitely got a few spot in the right place at the right time credits to your favor there. Ed- In regards to what you were mentioning earlier about how everyone’s a fan of the show including yourself – you’ve read the books, right? Thank you. I knew that I wasn’t physically like he is in the books, but I knew I had a deep understanding of him psychologically so I knew that if I went in and read that, whatever the outcome is on their side, they would see my understanding of Amos. Why risk himself by spinning the guy around and having some tough guy talk? Wes- Yeah, so in terms of being on location [for Season 4], there was one night when we were at our location and it was one of the coldest nights here. Here’s what The Expanse's Wes Chatham had to say. You know that’d be the dream.’ I’m not exaggerating, I’m just telling the truth. To talk about his private life, Chatham is a married man. A friend of mine, Clint, was telling me about the books and then I started inquiring about them – this is what I remember – and then they sent me the pilot of The Expanse and I thought “Oh my god, this is what I’ve been interested in, I’ve actually read this and you know, started reading this and getting into it.” Now when I tell this story, what Clint says is that I told him about the books. How often do you feel like you need to say ‘stop, hey, this might be a little different’, or you think they might be coming in with the wrong idea of something – can you tell us more about that? So we’re sitting there and we’re talking to this guy and I said like ‘he would take this can of chicken and smash this guy’s face, and get over on top of him even though he’s a small guy and everything like that, but the thing is he’s gonna get the answers and this is the fastest way he can.’. Or, somebody that’s supposed to be a trained martial artist who doesn’t really know how to throw a punch. Az éhezők viadala: A kiválasztott 2014-es első és 2015-ös második részében Castort alakítja. I like those Americana small towns where something supernatural or really scary happens in. Kyle- That’s cool. Fontosabb szerepeket kapott az Elah völgyében (2007), a W. – George W. Bush élete (2008), A segítség (2011), a The Philly Kid (2012) és a Szupercella 2. Chatham’s break into acting came just three months before his tour was finished when Denzel Washington chose his ship to shoot the movie Antwone Fisher. Rocinante crew with the slate on the first day of shooting for Season 4. So he’s not smooth and refined. And then he said to me, ‘hey, Chatham, wouldn’t it be amazing…’ ‘cause he was on the carrier that they were shooting Top Gun on with Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, and he was telling me about that experience – and then we both said that ‘man, wouldn’t it be amazing if they were shooting a movie on my boat and this is how I got started. Wes- Yeah, but also it’s preparation meeting opportunity, because I studied acting for a long time and so when they auditioned me for the part… I remember walking out, walking down, and then [Robi Reed, casting director] called me back and I went in there and she’s like ‘you’re in the military right?’ – ‘cause she was done with the ship – and I go ‘yeah.’ And she goes ‘are you an actor as well?’ and I said ‘yeah.’ And she said ‘you could do this if you wanted to, if you wanted to pursue this.’. Ed- Right, it’s subtle but it’s very complex. How does it feel being back after the hectic scare in May? I will say, it’s especially cool from a fan perspective. So I did a lot of research into that and his mental health and also into trauma. The first thing I remember geeking out over is:Star Wars. How do you and perhaps even the other cast members interact with the directors, especially given that you’re driving your characters and you’re more familiar with them? Ed- It actually led to you acting, is that right? Regarder maintenant Dans Le Cinéma Bientôt Cinémas Derniers remorques Nouvelles Trouver Film Commentaires Biografia. On a whim, Wes's mother took his sister to a audition for a Tide commercial in Savannah, Georgia and brought Wes along. Is there something that you recall? Without more supervision and as a restless and rebellious teen, Wes was kicked out of his high school. And that really bothers me. Wes- Yeah, correct. Kyle- Yeah, we’d heard you did some time in the military as an aviation firefighter, was that right? Since then, he has starred in numbers of movies and TV series. RT @ExpanseOnPrime: Captain’s orders. È noto principalmente per aver recitato nei film Nella valle di Elah, The Help, Hunger Games: Il canto della rivolta - Parte 1 e Hunger Games: Il canto della rivolta - Parte 2. So, about that, we were wondering – how does your understanding of him in the books come through to your performance? Biographie. Wes Chatham is an American actor who is widely known for making his appearance in the movies such as W., In the Valley of Elah, The Philly Kid, and The Help. Is that going to change how you adapt Amos for the coming season? So then I just got really interested in that and started reading a lot of stuff about Russian history, and Gulag Archipelago is just one of the books that I came across. This is our first location and we’re shooting on Ilus, and we found this really great amazing looking location. Also all the things I got to see that I’m a fan of myself and a lot of friends that I have that were in it, so I’d definitely be open to going more of those cons. Really great writer, it’s a great book. The Expanse is a television show based on the novels by James S.A. Corey. Yeah, Amos is definitely gonna be awakening things in him that impact his behaviour that he hasn’t really felt in a long time. His net worth has been estimated to be around $1 million. Chatham was born October 11, 1978 and grew up in North Georgia. And so what I said was ‘he’s not going to tap him on the shoulder, no, what he’s going to do is that he’s going to pick up a bottle and he’s going to crush his fucking head from behind, and then when the guy’s on the ground he’s going to stomp him’. Originally airing on the Syfy network, the first season is rough around the edges, despite the always welcome presence of Thomas Jane and a shedload of cool concepts. Me and a friend of mine, his name is Petty Officer Jones, I think we were in the… we might have been in the Gulf? And two of the tattoos that I have on my arm, not to be too specific, but they have something to do with morality. This is just something that’s kind of unheard of – to see performers making such a direct effort to reach out to interact with fans. Wes- Psychiatrist, yeah I did. After completing his graduation from his high school, Wes joined the military working as an aviation firefighter on a flight deck of USS Essex. https://t.co/QxM47YeZuV, RT @ExpanseOnPrime: Not even Avasarala can keep her cool. Wes Chatham Age, Height, Net Worth, Wiki, And Bio: Wes Chatham was born in North Georgia, United States. You know like with the chicken guy? Per quanto riguarda la televisione è conosciuto per aver preso parte alle serie Barbershop, The Unit e The Expanse. That really special thing. I didn’t know it was going to manifest itself in the way that it has but I knew that I was going to be a part of telling stories somehow. Wes Chatham is an American actor who is widely known for making his appearance in the movies such as W., In the Valley of Elah, The Philly Kid, and The Help. And it turns out Denzel Washington was shooting a movie on that boat and that’s how I got started. Chatham on location for season 4. The fallout from last episode's actions reverberat…, September 20, 2019, by Film School Rejects, The Expanse Cast Recalls Their Favourite (And Funniest) Fan Encounters, The Expanse (Collector’s Edition) 2LP Color Vinyl Set Coming Dec. 13, Jess Salgueiro on ‘The Expanse’ Season 4, ‘The Boys’, and Netflix’s ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’, ‘The Expanse’ Season 4 Premiere to Screen at New York Comic-Con, Gravity is a Real Bitch: Hard Science Fiction in ‘The Expanse’. We want to thank Wes again for taking time from his very busy schedule to talk with us. And when Denzel was shooting the Antwone Fisher story on my ship, that was how I met Robi Reed and how everything got started for me. Wes- Well, yeah – you know that Amos is always in search of his morality. Chatham in The Philly Kid. And so I’m definitely interested in writing, and I love acting, I love writing – anything to do with this, I’m interested in. And so in that way it serves me greatly. I mean it’s obviously pretty surreal considering, you know, everything that happened and what we went through and then we’re coming back. ‘Cause it’s not in your face, it’s very subtle, he has subtle behaviour. I started doing that when I was really young and I did some theatre when I was young, so it was always something that I wanted to do or was interested in. Right now I’m reading the latest Grant book, you guys read that? It was great fun for us and we hope you’ve enjoyed the conversation as much as we did. Photo: Amazon Prime Video. There’s just a lot that I really love about this show so it’s been great so far. Wes Chatham is a popular American Actor who gets popularity within a very short time for her nice-looking appearance. Chatham in Season 1. Découvrez aussi toutes les photos et vidéos de Wes Chatham So every Sunday we rehearse, and we go over the scenes, and we talk it over with the director and the writers and we kinda refine it. Kyle- Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seemed to me that some of the tattoos we see on Amos on screen are some of your personal tattoos, is that right? How is he gonna get what he wants? On 11-10-1978 Wes Chatham (nickname: Wes) was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. But then when you play someone like Amos… Amos is not as trained or skilled, he more has a talent for violence – he’s a talented amateur. Cart Wes- Oh man. During the conversation, Chatham revealed how he prepared for the role, what obstacles he faced in bringing the character to the screen, and what lies ahead for him and Amos. And they also know that we spend day and night just thinking about our characters and what our characters would do, and they have the macro view of all the moving parts and set-ups and scenes and characters – they keep up with a lot of stuff, and we have to keep up with our characters and who our characters are, and especially with Amos – as you say – he’s very complex. Filmographie Cinéma. I really enjoyed talking to you guys and I really appreciate all the support and love you guys give us. That kind of leads me into another question – is there anything you can talk about that’s happened so far particularly notable or challenging, or interesting, that we don’t already know about on set? ABOUT WES. Ed- There’s probably so many things we don’t consider about production like that, that you don’t realize until you’re in it. Wes- Yes, I’m always writing things down, and there’s a few things I’m interested in and I’ve thought about a few times. Thanks for telling us that. Kyle- I actually cosplayed as Amos earlier this year for a con. But other than that, I would say the rainy cold night was probably the most challenging. Wes- Correct, yeah, I was in crash and salvage. How would you say that your martial arts experience translates into your on screen performances? What are my interests?’ And the reality is, it always comes back to story. –) amerikai színész. I mean when you met Denzel Washington, when he chose your ship [for Antwone Fisher]? Meet John Nash Chatham!. After graduating high school, Wes joined the military. And that was just really in line with what we were trying to create, and that’s why we left those. junetwilight. In addition to that, he also plays the role of Castor in “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 1 and Part 2. [Chuckles]. I’m like, ‘what is it about him or his stories that I love so much?’ And I think it has something to do with this town that he always sets these stories in. Making a short while I’m up here with some of the cast members just for fun, like getting together, you know? I am that guy" My Demo Reel. [Laughs] You know, every Comic Con that I’ve been to, mainly San Diego Comic Con, I’ve always been connected to a project. An American by nationality, Wes Chatham was born on 11th October of the year 1978 which has now made him reach at age of 40. #the expanse #theexpanseedit #amos burton #wes chatham #my gifs #.ex #I LOVE YOU #the expanse spoilers #.1k. Wes- Yeah, you know it’s a really strange story. I can’t remember who I said, and asked him who was his, and he said, ‘man, Denzel Washington’. And it clears my mind of all the noise, and then it kind of gives me a clear platform to be more creative and more open and vulnerable in the moment. It’s just the truth, it’s how it happened. I really love the connection between the fans and the show. And then it really depends on what the part is. Ed Akselrud- So Wes, how is everything on set? Fight consistency really bothers me. Photo courtesy of Amazon Prime Video. And I think that if it can, it can be something really special. A lot of folks are really interested in hearing about your routines. The newest episode of The Expanse is now streaming on @PrimeVideo. So I never really been to a Comic Con on my own. Thanks for reading! You know, from the point of younger Wes experiencing that and sort of finding your calling, I suppose, at that time. While searching for some authentic military guys for the movie, Chatham was … And I told him what I just told you guys – that I wanted to be a part of storytelling, that I’ve always wanted to be a part of making movies or TV or things like that. As part of Syfy 25 – where we’re looking back at everything amazing that’s happened in the world of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror over the last 25 years – we asked a bunch of famous people what sort of geeky stuff they like. Especially with films like The Philly Kid, – I’d actually seen that one a few months ago and thought that it was really cool – how much do you get to utilize that experience on screen? On a whim, Wes's mother took his sister to a audition for a Tide commercial in Savannah, Georgia and brought Wes along. And it’s going to seem like… I’ll just tell you what happened, and I promise it’s true, it’s just not going to seem true. Disclaimer: This interview contains some small spoilers for Season 4 during the first half. But in any case, yeah, I read the first book and then I started the second book while we were shooting the first season, and I realised that it was kind of getting in the way because I started getting confused with what we knew in the books but we hadn’t learned in the show. This really means a lot to us. But this is something that I’m a fan of, like I said earlier. Kyle- So, you’ve mentioned you spend a lot of time in the gym. I did a lot of work into trauma, and I continued to do that. Chatham also talked about his love of history and what can be learned from it, as well as the story of how he got into acting. He was then sent to Give Center located in Lawrenceville, Georgia for finishing his school. Later, he moved with his father when he was 13 years old. But even when it comes to sports, if you look at boxing or you look at MMA, what really attracts people to that is – there is the excitement of the violence and all that – but the reality is it’s the story. Recent Top. Meaning, I would be reading and watching the show even if I wasn’t a part of it. Jeremy [Benning] is my favorite DP [Director of Photography] – getting together, getting the equipment together and making a short while we’re up here, telling a fun story. So Amos was my favorite character and he was the one that I was most attracted to and when they wanted to see me for The Expanse my first thought was – I didn’t know who they wanted to see me for, and I didn’t know if it was Holden or whatever because I’m different physically than Amos is in the books. Log in Sign up. Wes- Well, I think ultimately whenever there’s a character in a book and you bring it to screen, and you do it yourself, it’s never going to be the exact same as the books. Chatham's parents divorced when he was two and he spent most of his childhood with his mother, sister and brother. Wes's parents divorced when he was two and he spent most of his childhood with his Mom, sister and brother. Wes- Yeah, it is a special thing, and that’s why we fight so hard to keep it. The actor is married to Jenn Brown , his starsign is Libra and he is now 42 years of age. There’s a book that just came out, I think it was this year, I just finished that – it’s called The Body Keeps the Score, and it’s a book about the history of trauma and abused children, sexually abused children. Kyle LaBarre- We did have a question related to that – the change in environment. But it’s interesting because when you talk about stories that I would like to tell, or kind of gravitate towards, I’m a huge Stephen King fan. Although he is known by his stage name Wes Chatham, his full name is John Wesley Chatham. Jones was on watch. But Amos was the only thing I was really interested in. I mean, I can’t even begin to try to explain what’s going on with him or how he came to be. What is his line between good and evil. Wes- I’m a big tattoo guy now too, but the hard thing is that I can’t get any tattoos on my arms until the show is over. Wes Chatham wiki, bio, age, height, workout, net worth, wife, tattoo, tv show November 14, 2018. He worked as an aviation firefighter on the flight deck of the USS Essex, working in crash and salvage for four years. When you’re shooting in the summer – which I love, I love coming up here in the summer and the fall – but when you get hot n’ sweaty the tattoos are really hard to keep on. I was actually studying acting in San Diego at the time, when I was in port. So yeah. It’s amazing. Hello, Sign in. So in a way it’s almost like you’re a little overqualified to play Amos because you can do more than that, like you could do something that’s more choreographed and more strategic in that way and you’ve done it before in other films like The Philly Kid. He spent most of his childhood with his mother, brother, and sister. Later, he got his break into acting just 3 months before his tour was finished when Denzel Washington chose his ship to shoot a movie named Antwone Fisher. That’s just not how he’s going to do it. Wes's parents divorced when he was two and he spent most of his childhood with his Mom, sister and brother. I mean, being back in an atmosphere and kinda being in a wide open sky and a wide open space again – especially in a landscape that’s stripped back with its technology and it’s a little bit more wild and more primal. Thank you so much for taking the time. And it was such a good experience, getting to meet all these people hanging out. Kyle- Right. But, you know, it beats – when I was in the military for four years, it beats that. Are you interested in being behind the camera or doing any writing, or if you’re fully committed to acting, are there any types of roles that you’re interested in going forward outside of The Expanse? That kind of training and that outlet that I have is kind of meditative for me. Follow. And that’s what I’m fighting for – the ideal. What I did is I started back with The Churn and I used that as the foundation to create the psychology, and used my imagination of what happened to him in the past and what has shaped him; moulded him to become who he is today and how did he and Naomi’s relationship come about, how did he meet her, how did that become forged?